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, where she co-stars alongside Lorenzo Richelmy (Marco) as Mei Lin, an alluring concubine and deadly assassin in Song Dynasty China.

This breakout role proves intense, letting her range of talent show through an assortment of stages — pride, vengeance, seduction and survival.

Salsa or bachata dancing Professional Male, 30 yrs, good looking, fit build. I am looking for a female(s) to join as dance partner to practice and improve knowledge of SALSA and BACHATA.

Hey everyone, I am 27 years old, in a long term relationship and feel like I need that solid group of girl friends you always see and hear about.

The clear loser in this contest was the profile with 14 emojis sprinkled throughout the short text.

It was rated significantly less intelligent than the control group or any other profile type.

You can sign up online where you will come across a variety of sports such as basketball, volleyball, dodgeball and more.

When you score that three pointer, you might even score a high-five from Mr. *Wink, wink.*When it comes to fitness, athletic men do not play around when it comes to their physique, nor do they mind sweating a little bit. Hit up YEG Cycle located on Whyte Ave where you can get your sweat on in just 50 minutes by riding one of many top-of-the-line bikes coordinated by an inspirational instructor.

With all the lights and music going on throughout the class, you might spot your match getting his spin on, therefore giving you the motivation to keep going and to talk to him after class.

The experiment included seven types of profiles for participants to evaluate. Each of 692 heterosexual participants received one randomly assigned profile.

Participants were asked to rate the profile owners' traits, including intelligence, and indicate their level of interest in dating the person.

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