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Every individual Christian and every local church family must have a continual, intentional, and passionate focus on the glory of God!

(1 Corinthians , Ephesians ) Christ-Honoring – God is most glorified through the Person and work of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

“In all things He must have the preeminence” (Colossians ).

Spirit Filled Life – Modern Christianity has been reduced to set of rules that are focused on outward conformity to a man made standard of righteousness in the power of the flesh.

Annual cost information displayed for Rasmussen College includes program tuition for 9 programs, plus a 5 course and technology resource fee for each traditional course and select lab and clinical course components, as well as applicable program-specific administrative fees.

8 Reviews test results and determines continued donor suitability.

For all eternity, those in hell will bring Him glory as they suffer eternal wrath under His perfect justice (Revelation 15:1-4).

Those in heaven will bring Him glory as they inherit paradise as trophies of perfect grace.

Provides limited emergency medical care to donors and staff, including the administration of medication or treatments in accordance with licensure or certification.1 Promotes positive customer relations with all donors.2 Conducts confidential and effective interviews with donors to obtain necessary information regarding suitability to donate plasma.3 In conjunction with the Center Medical Director and/or Center Physician responds to medically related questions from staff including donor suitability and provides information to staff on medically related issues.4 Performs medical history reviews and health assessments on donors.

Assesses results of donor screening and laboratory tests to determine initial and continuing donor suitability.5 Notifies and counsels donors regarding reactive test results.

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