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Change their experience, change their association, and you may well change their behavior.The key here is recognizing that this is not a race – go slowly, success is more likely to come with baby steps.Testing has shown that an animal's respiration, heart rate and temperature all drop under sedation.Animals also become dehydrated [source: Amarpal], James Cargo].Arriving in new locales can feel glamorous and exciting, but let’s face it, getting there is rarely half the fun.Even on domestic flights, airport lines, security checks, airplane air and noise, and delayed connections are stressful enough for people.If you have absolutely no alternative form of getting your dog where you need to go, follow the dog air travel advice below by Melanie Monteiro.

However, before we get into the Q&A, I want to say upfront that the best advice about dog air travel is -- don't ship your pet in cargo unless it is absolutely unavoidable.

If you are travelling by car or caravan, taking your pet’s favourite bed, blanket, or toys can also help make the trip more relaxing and pleasant for them.

If you are flying, you will need an airline-approved carrier for your pet.

Whatever the destination, having your dogs along for the ride just tends to make for a better trip, doesn’t it? But wait, before you gas up the Wagon Queen Family Truckster and back out of the driveway, it’s important to note that there are a few things you should be aware of and a few things you can do to make your “road trip con canine” smoother, safer, and more enjoyable – for everybody.

This information will be presented in a series of blog posts, the first of which will cover that thing that can often stop your road trip before it even starts – carsickness and travel anxiety. Travel anxiety and carsickness can ruin a road trip before it even begins. Fortunately, quite a few things – give these suggestions a whirl to make Fluffy a better traveler.

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