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His parents helped him land his first job in the entertainment industry as a stuntman on the German television series , based on the best-selling novel by Grace Metalious, explored the darker side of several families living in a suburban New England town.It was a huge hit with television audiences, and its popularity helped launch O' Neal's career and the career of cast member Mia Farrow.

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In the last days of Fawcett’s life, as cancer stripped the masks from an all-too-human drama, the author shared O’Neal’s vigil, learning the true struggles and breakthroughs of their 30-year romance.O' Neal's personal life seemed much like the soap opera he starred in.In the early 1960s, O' Neal married actress Joanna Moore.Day after day, O’Neal and Stewart took Fawcett’s favorite treats to the hospital, trying to tempt her to eat: green-corn tamales, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese.When she was conscious, she thanked them in her soft, whispery little voice—“That’s so beautiful! “When she turned 60, we had this celebratory birthday where I shot my son,” O’Neal said, his tone as casual as if there had been nothing conversation-stopping about such a remark. Farrah was lying in bed, and she could hear it all—fights, swinging, gunshots. ” Baring his teeth in a faux-cheery grin, he launched into an energetic rendition of “Happy Birthday to You.”O’Neal has four children by three different women; the son he shot at was Griffin, but Redmond, the deeply troubled child of Fawcett and O’Neal, was also fair game for mordant remarks.

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