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The camera has an electronically-timed focal-plane shutter with cloth blinds.

These travel horizontally (the earlier M645 cameras had a vertical-travel shutter).

Our schools are geographically organized into three districts serving 22 U. military installations across the Guam, Japan, Okinawa and South Korea.

Approximately 60% of the children of military families in the U. are school age and the majority of them -- nearly 80% -- attend local education agencies (LEAs) throughout the nation.

Do DEA is globally positioned, operating 168 accredited schools in 8 districts located in 11 foreign countries, 7 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

Do DEA employs approximately 15,000 employees who serve more than 73,000 children of active duty military and Do D civilian families.

On this page, diagrams schematically represent the telescope objective as a single refracting lens, but it may (without changing the optical characteristics) be a dioptric system (comprising one or more lenses), a catoptric system (one or more mirrors), or a catadioptric system (a combination of mirrors and lenses).

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Viewfinders for the earlier cameras cannot be used with cameras from this series, and vice versa.

Unlike Mamiya's 6×7 SLR cameras, they do not have bellows, but rely on helical focusing in the lenses.

The camera bodies are made mainly from polycarbonate, in contrast to the metal bodies of the earlier M645 models.

Included at the end of each page is a list of Further Reading that identifies the sources used and points to additional information available online.

To begin, let's consider the basic functions, parts and terminology that characterize the Keplerian telescope — an "inverting" objective combined with an eyepiece.

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